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Desktop Development

Desktop software is the staple of the IT world, and also most of the world around us. It helps us automate, organize, track, consolidate and optimize our lives and our livelihoods. Like a custom made suit, software needs to be tailor-made to fit your business, in order to work effectively and efficiently.

We've been tailor-making software for years - if anyone knows how to design software around a business, it's us.


Web Development

For most people, the term website conjures images of static online brochures, which show pictures of the products a business sells, and give contact details for getting hold of some of those products. We believe websites should work for their living. A brochure is a useful and valuable tool, but the power of the internet is truly harnessed in web technologies that offer value to their users.

We will help you get your online presence, and put your best face forward.

Mobile Development

Mobile software is reaching out to new horizons as much as the hardware that it runs on. It can be a fantastic tool, and we believe it is one which every business should invest in. The convenience of being able to handle business tasks on-the-go is something that will give you the competitive advantage. This is especially true now that most businesses are moving to use the mobile tools at their disposal.

Let's get you on-board the mobile train today, before your business is left behind.


SQL Data Services

Databases are powerful data storage tools that can be configured to provide a wide range of reports and valuable data. The relational structure of a well-designed database allows easy indexing and searching of stored data; meaning that data is easily retrieved when you need it.

We will install and set up your SQL database, monitor its usage and usefulness, and optimise its performance.

Methodologies and Frameworks- The Sapient Way

Agile, simple, powerful… sensible! This is the Sapient model.

Sapient combines the best aspects of well-evolved methodologies and frameworks to provide a sophisticated, pragmatic development and service delivery environment that produces excellent solutions- on time, within budget, and to specification. In line with leading-edge international practice, Sapient’s development and service delivery framework is an eclectic mix of Agile, Lean Thinking, and Kanban philosophies and practices. The Sapient team is truly Agile, confidently pairing the modelling strengths of structured SDLC approaches, such as FDD (Feature Driven Design), with the ingeniously simple management values and practices of Scrum.



Sapient is proud to have embarked on the journey to CCMI-DEV certification. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a family of three constellations. Sapient embraces one such family, viz. the CMMI for Development constellation (CMMI-DEV), which will inform the company’s progress to organizational maturity and capability.



Agile is an umbrella term describing the over-arching values and principles that inform the enactment of specific SDLC and project management methodologies. These values and principles, which Sapient has embraced, include: Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation, Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation, Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation, Responding to Change over Following a Plan.



The Scrum Framework is a way for teams to work together in delivering software iteratively and incrementally, while holding true to the over-arching Agile values and principles. Sapient’s Scrum Teams organize work into time boxes called Sprints, which last one month or less, resulting in a set of complete and working functionality in each Sprint.

The Scrum Framework is simple to understand, and promotes cross-functional and self-organizing teams that focus throughout the Sprint to deliver an Increment of working and potentially releasable software.


Lean Thinking

Lean is a way of approaching system optimization that focusses on reducing waste and improving overall flow of value through a system. Applied to software development, Lean is embodied by the following seven principles: Eliminate waste, Amplify learning, Decide as late as possible, Deliver as fast as possible, Empower the team, Build integrity in, and See the whole.

Sapient uses Lean principles to guide decision making and to choose techniques that will improve a system overall.



Kanban uses Lean Thinking in a formal method focusing on reducing waste, just-in-time delivery, and avoiding overburdening those doing the work. Kanban builds on five core activities: Visualize the workflow, Limit Work in Progress (WIP), Manage flow, Make process policies explicit, and Improve collaboratively. Different teams using Kanban often have very different processes. The Kanban method is simply a set of techniques for managing a process, and then optimizing it deliberately. Kanban is easily applied to processes already in place, including Scrum.

In line with international cutting-edge trends in capability and project management, Sapient applies a Lean Thinking lens to maximise Scrum Team effectiveness.


How it all fits together

Agile is the over-arching umbrella of values and principles under which Sapient produces software solutions.

Scrum is how we manage projects.

Lean and Kanban principles inform the way we do Scrum.

And all of this…

… so that Sapient can produce excellent solutions, on time, within budget, to specification

… for you, our valued client and partner in producing sensible software solutions!