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absence due to illness management

Absenteeism is global problem affecting all organisations to some degree. Broadly speaking, there are two types of absenteeism:

Although absenteeism can be a significant HR management problem, there tends to be little data reflecting the trends of absenteeism within a given organisation. Furthermore, few organisations take the time to understand the nature and types of absenteeism that occur. For these reasons, the problem of absentee management cannot be effectively addressed with an organisation.

Detailed reporting can provide insights into organisational absence trends based on factors such as age, gender, and job type. The results can then be compared to national norms to create an in-depth understanding of nature of absenteeism within an organisation.

Sapient’s Sick Absence Management System (SAMS*) serves to:

The types of reports provided by the system include:

It is recommended that the analysis is performed quarterly.

For the first analysis it is beneficial to receive a 2-3 year history of leave data so that trends can start to be developed from the outset.

* Sapient also offers a ‘lite’ version which purely reports on absence trends in the company but does not include management of absence.
** Analysis by organisation structure can only be offered if the organisational structure information is provided